Belgian Shoe Retailer

The Challenge

The business challenge was to optimize utilisation of their collected customer data from loyalty card users.

  • Quantify answers to key questions surrounding loyalty of customers and their value.
  • Understand patterns in the conversion of customers both online and in shop visits.


  • Prioritisation into high-, medium- and low-value customers through analytics involving Glickman’s migration matrix model and advanced usage segmentation.
  • Creation of target groups based on pricing and promotional behaviour using Glickman’s proprietary “Colour Segmentation” technology.
  • Best practice in RFM Analysis, i.e. reach, frequency and monetary quantification to keep customer loyalty and increase visits online and offline while minimising cannibalisation.
  • Design and implementation of a pragmatic dashboard enabling shop managers to compare stores, act on trending data and undertake proactive commercial measures.
  • Identification of usage profiles associated with different degrees of revenue drain.


“Glickman helped us to make the digital step in using customer data to analyse trends and answer key questions. Their leadership in analytics has generated deep insights for effective decision making, leading to several identified growth opportunities.” – Shoe Retailer, Belgium

  • Defined new, diverse addressable customer segments that are timely measurable.
  • Strategic conclusions about customer movements amid different ranks of value.


What differentiates Glickman is the firm’s unique knowhow to connect data and marketing – and to make these domains interact successfully.

For this Glickman focuses on 3 pillars. First they focus on an open dialog with their customers, to understand the needs and to achieve a common goal. Secondly, they are transparent about the possibilities of a customer’s data . They focus heavily on the easy and structured presentation of their results for all business levels. The last pillar focusses on their believes. They love to deliver quality, to fiddle with data and to turn abstract data into actionable insights.

Glickman believes in making data profitable.

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Our customers are both locally and internationally based. We focus on financial services, business services, retail, insurance, and telco. We help teams starting from scratch as well as data champions.

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