Cash & Carry

The Challenge

The business challenge was twofold.

  • Identify target groups within existing customer data bases for Strategic Value Proposals.
  • Build foundation for “360° Customer DNA.” This enables folder selection, i.e. to identify variables with the strongest value for predicting target group behaviour. In addition, it established strategic groundwork to automate other customer engagement projects.


  • Probability scores identified for “most targetable” customers per specific promotion.
  • Repeatable process builds more relevant relationship between the brand and consumers.
  • Optimised process for folder selection within internal systems, including deduplication.
  • Expert support and monitoring for the client’s marketing automation process.
  • Best practice in data-driven marketing and personalised customer communication.


“We now have superb ability to substantially enhance the buying experience of our consumers. New customers are welcomed. Repeat buyers are rewarded. People living in a flat on the fifth floor no longer receive promotions for gardening products.” – Cash & Carry

  • Start is customer household level, resulting in personalised messages and promotions.
  • Elimination of waste amid diverse data sets and reduction of operating expenses.


What differentiates Glickman is the firm’s unique knowhow to connect data and marketing – and to make these domains interact successfully.

For this Glickman focuses on 3 pillars. First they focus on an open dialog with their customers, to understand the needs and to achieve a common goal. Secondly, they are transparent about the possibilities of a customer’s data . They focus heavily on the easy and structured presentation of their results for all business levels. The last pillar focusses on their believes. They love to deliver quality, to fiddle with data and to turn abstract data into actionable insights.

Glickman believes in making data profitable.

Our Clients

Our customers are both locally and internationally based. We focus on financial services, business services, retail, insurance, and telco. We help teams starting from scratch as well as data champions.

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