Make Your Data Profitable


Do we have enough data? Are our data sufficiently complete, structured, recent, etc?

We have a Vision and a Strategy, but how to make sure that our customer data support the operational plan to develop sustainable customer-centricity?

Who buys what and when? Segments? How is their decision process? What is their lifecycle? Where are my best customers coming from, and how much should I be spending to acquire a customer? How do we bring the right offer to the right customer at the right time via the right channel with the right message? What and how can we automate?

What are my best customers buying? How can I tailor or offer products and services around their needs?

How much should I spend to service and retain a customer?

Where and how can I find prospects who correspond with my most valuable customers?

Our à la carte menu for data-driven marketing


Basically, can data help us? And how?

Our solution


How to improve the understanding of our customers?

Our solution


What to offer next to our customers?

Our solution


Where and how to find lookalikes of our most valuable customers?

Our solution

In summary, we help you to create, keep and grow customers.


Right offer for right market/customer/target group


Accurate loyalty and retention


Efficient cross- and upselling / lookalikes from ideal clients

Our Clients

Our customers are both locally and internationally based. We focus on financial services, business services, retail, insurance, and telco. We help teams starting from scratch as well as data champions.

Our Partners

We are part of an ecosystem with specialized partnerships.

Our Team

We represent more than 100 years of cumulated experience in both data and marketing management.

Alain Glickman

Alain Glickman

Founding Partner

Jacques Recourdon

Jacques Recourdon

Managing Partner

Matej Karpisek

Matej Karpisek

Marketing Analytics

Herwig Goemans

Herwig Goemans

Consultant, SQL and Process Automation

Daniele Mattei

Daniele Mattei

Consultant, CRM Analytics

Gershon Lehrer

Gershon Lehrer

Junior Data Developer

Lander Dellafaille

Lander Dellafaille

Consultant, Data Scientist

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